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WATCH: Spurs' Kawhi Leonard skies for alley-oop from Tim Duncan

Le 12 janvier 2016, 07:54 dans Humeurs 0


The holidays may well be (vist cheap nba mt coins) over but San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan was in the giving mood against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday.

Midway by (go to nba 2k16 mt for sale) means of the second (vist cheap buy NBA 2K16 MT ) quarter against the Nets, Duncan connected with Kawhi Leonard for an impressive alley-oop. Duncan threw the perfect lob in the three-point line and Leonard skied in for the two-handed slam.

An outstanding pass from Duncan because it is perfectly placed for Leonard to finish the play with a strong slam.





WATCH: Vince Carter may be pretty much 39, but he can still bring the Vinsanity

Le 29 décembre 2015, 10:35 dans Humeurs 0


Just (vist cheap buy NBA 2K16 MT ) " href="">buy NBA 2K16 MT ) like the mild mannered Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, you by no means get Vince Carter angry.

Against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, Carter, who turns 39 in January, became angry with officials inside the second quarter, once they didn't get in touch with an offensive foul on D'Angelo Russell for fighting via (vist cheap 2k16 mt for sale) a screen. So on the next possession for the Grizzlies, Carter took his anger out around the rim by driving previous Lou Williams and smashing residence a one-handed slam.


Vinsanity is alive in nicely in Memphis.







The Vertical Podcast with Woj: Inside the contemporary NBA front office with Warriors GM Bob Myers

Le 29 décembre 2015, 10:30 dans Humeurs 0



Golden State Warriors basic manager Bob Myers, the 2015 NBA Executive of your year (vist cheap buy NBA 2K16 MT ) and architect of the defending champions, joins The Vertical editor Adrian Wojnarowski on the second episode of your Vertical Podcast.

The Vertical web-site, the internet hub for NBA news, facts and storytelling, will launch in early 2016 on Yahoo Sports.

In a candid, wide-ranging interview, Myers discusses the building on the Warriors’ championship core and his own improbable path from a UCLA walk-on and NBA player agent towards the best basketball executive with the Warriors. Myers details the part and life on the modern GM, how relationships and offers are struck among rival executives and how he wishes there was additional camaraderie in between organizations in the sometimes ruthless engagement of front-office function.

In The Vertical Podcast’s Insider Segment, Bobby Marks joins Woj (vist cheap 2k16 mt for sale) to (buy cheap nba mt coins) talk about his transition from 20-year front-office executive using the Brooklyn Nets towards the new front-office insider for The Vertical. Marks and Woj will also detail the troubles surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls.

Click right here to download the podcast on iTunes, or listen here or on Yahoo Sports.


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